The increasing need for intelligent products offering smart functionality that is able make both work and life easier, safer and more enjoyable is a persistent trend in today’s world. To compete in this market, product manufacturers have to introduce intelligent connectivity und communications into their products as well as to react fast on continually changing user requirements.
Successful companies therefor need innovative, efficient and reliable solutions in order to stay competitive and increase their market share. b1 engineering solutions supports such companies with the development of smart devices helping to shape the change and make value-adding innovations come true.

Experts of change
b1 engineering solutions was created with the goal of covering the whole product lifecycle from development to production serving leading customers from the automotive, medical and hi-tech electronics industries. With more than 20 years of smart products experience as a one-stop partner we help our customers to develop new markets and support  the connected world.

Synergy and efficiency for lasting success
Our flexible and customer-oriented approach produces optimal results in development and consulting of innovative products and solutions and ensures successful projects. By being able to use well-established near-shore and off-shore capabilities for various development and service tasks we can offer competitive pricing without compromising our high quality and competency requirements. For our customers this approach brings increased productivity and profitability at the same time. b1 engineering solutions closely cooperates with partners like Altera, Xilinx, Lattice, Texas Instruments and encourages in several communities.


Smart Products Engineering
Embedded systems are the foundation for most of today’s smart products. By helping integrate intelligence and connectivity into such systems we help make your products smart. Your benefits are accelerated business, production and service processes, ability diagnostics in the field as well as a vast number of new functionality possibilities through intelligent connectivity of your products.

Engineering Consulting
Developing smart products and systems is a challenging task and requires a careful balance of various constraints such as innovative functionality, compact and modular system design, low total cost of ownership and fast time-to-market. With our specialized consulting services we can help you master those constraints and support you with product innovation, mastering new technology and process optimization.


Hi-Tech Solutions
We support customers in the hi-tech and manufacturing sectors with our complete embedded electronics and software portfolio.

Automotive Solutions
We develop production quality applications for powertrain, chassis, ADAS and e-drive domains. Furthermore, we support you in the emerging field of car-to-X communications and entertainment.

Medical Devices
Together with leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art medical devices we develop solutions focusing on machine-to-machine interfaces, HMI and high-speed communications. We are ISO 13485 certified which emphasizes out commitment to the special requirement of the medical devices industry.