A high number of variants coupled with increasingly technical complexity of products and, at the same time, ever-shorter innovation cycles confront product managers with enormous challenges.

b1 Engineering Solutions Lifecycle Management Solutions offer a one stop shop for all important maintenance activities. We realize long term product maintenance for you. This way we free up your expert teams capacity to focus on your core business and developing new solutions.


We analyse your products that are already on the market and still need care, support and further development. This way you can effectively focus your internal expertise on the next generation or the next product.

b1 Engineering Solutions has numerous years of experience in the Hi-Tech HW/SW-development of new devices as well as great references in re-design and continuous maintenance of successful products. We offer our strong base of Lifecycle Management Services:

  • Analysis of change requests (Impact analysis)
  • Preparing Design alternatives as a decision base
  • Implementing change requests from specification to acceptance testing
  • Level 2/3 support and Bug-fix services
  • Obsolescence / 100% compatibility management
  • Logistic services like documentation, data management, configuration integrity
  • Tool-chain and process improvements
  • High transparency in status reporting
  • Up to 10-15 years of support with team ramp up/down in our own responsibility

While performing these services we also show you possibilities to increase performance, reduce energy consumption and take care of adaptations due to required standards or legislative changes.

Moreover, important “drivers of changes” are increasing HMI- and Connectivity-requirements of well-established products on the market – to extend the lifetime and sales cycle of your products and to increase their competitiveness.