People expect the same convenience, range of services and networking in our car as we do in our office or at home. Simple and secure connections to the home computer network, company intranet and mobile devices will be expected.

With our cross-industry expertise in telecommunications, mobile devices, IT, automotive and embedded systems, we provide development, connectivity and integration services for the connected car.

Our combination of years of experience in HW/SW-development for the mobile devices, the telecom networks and the automotive industry as well as numerous references in the re-design and the continuous maintenance of successful products are the strong base for our successful Lifecycle Management Services for building connected cars.

Typical services are:

  • Analysis of change requests (Impact analysis)
  • Preparing Design alternatives as a decision base
  • Implementing the change requests from specification to acceptance testing
  • Level 2/3 support and Bug-fix services
  • Obsolescence / 100% compatibility management
  • Logistic services like documentation, data management, configuration integrity
  • Tool-chain and process improvements
  • High transparency in status reporting
  • Up to 10-15 years of support with team ramp up/down in our own responsibility

While performing these services we also show you possibilities with regard to increasing performance, reducing energy consumption, required standards and legislative changes.

Moreover, important “drivers of changes” are increasing HMI- and Connectivity-requirements of well-established products in the market – to extend the lifetime and sales cycle and to increase the competitiveness.